Buying a property in the neo town, Hoskote

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After Anekal, Ramanagara, Kanakpura, Devanahalli, Nelamangala and Magadi, Hoskote has been approved for the change to be a satellite town. The residential plots in Bangalore, in the already developed areas of the city are just adding to congestion and to reverse it, areas like Hoskote are being approved to shift more plots here and increase the residential status. Also, this will grow a sense of belief among-st common people that the areas in Bangalore are still developing and those who do not live in already developed areas are not considered of low value but can fit in common people’s affordability limit.

It is expected that real estate market of Bangalore is soon to see a major hike soon. This is due to the exception of Hoskote to become the new feather of the rapid growing Namma Bengaluru. The Property in Hoskote that is left untouched has now been in the checklist and has been marked off by the Karnataka state government as an approval which will later on be developed as Satellite town.

Earlier as these satellite towns had farms and other agricultural lands, the development of residential complexes were not allowed, but now with the need of the hour these measure they have realized that such measures were necessary.


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