2.6 crore new flats in Noida by 2022

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With the highly growing market of Noida as well as Greater Noida people are all set to shovel their brand new currency on their new dream houses. It is been noted that a large population has been found to ask for newly developed flats in Noida and Greater Noida expressway.

With the lowered subsidy on home loan interests of loans up to 50 lakh, people have waved a green to Real Estate in Noida and are putting up their long lasting dream to buy a new and bigger house at the least price.

Aerial View

This situation has given the builders a kick start to resume their midway constructed projects, as well as start planning for the new. However, many builders and housing develepors have increased the Real estate in Noida by already seeling their imaginary projects on best prices so as to assure that the development which will happen in another 3 years will be really beneficial to the consumers and the prices will take a big hike by that time.

Noida based builders like Tata Housing, Lotus Greens, Godrej, Eros have already proudly committed to bringing approximately 2.6 crore new apartments under affordable housing. This has given a huge jump to the space required for building new Residential Flats in Noida and as a result, the location has become the second highest when it comes to acquiring land space offered every year by the government to the whole nation.


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