Apartments and Lands for Sale Available In Greater Noida

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As Delhi-NCR faces scarcity of land for any kind of new development, the satellite cities of Delhi Noida, Greater Noida,and Noida Extension are answers to the burgeoning need for housing and for property investment. These cities are thus further expanding and growing. The expansion throws an opportunity for further growth in real estate. Today we take a look at Noida localities and know which area has given the maximum return in the 2012-14 and 2013-14 periods.

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Noida saw a constant decline in property prices. The price fell by 8% and 7% in 2013-14 periods and 2012-14 periods respectively. The satellite city is often embroiled into land controversies and it lacks a proper regulation which makes the city unfriendly for investor. But the city offers excellent infrastructure and good connectivity. In the long run Noida could give better returns but regulations could be a hassle. So think before you put in your money.

Overall Greater Noida property offers plethora of affordable housing options but the Greater Noida properties lacks credibility. Greater Noida property still grapples with land acquisitions problems and so the Greater Noida properties prices have fallen by 8% during the last year, whereas for the period of 2012-14 the land rates in Greater Noida has just appreciated by 1%. Investing in property in Greater Noida is a good option.

This locality seems to be a good place to invest in as the 3BHK flats in Greater Noida has shown an increase of 15% in the last one year. Good connectivity, infrastructure and location are the reasons that have attributed to the price rise in apartments in Noida Extension.


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